Chain Hoist Server

  • GIS/SEC motor control Chain Hoist module TCP/IP.
  • All chain hoists completely controlled via network.

This has the enormous advantage that the system does not need proprietary wiring and adapts to the house installation.

Also, extensions or adaptations become much easier, because they can use the existing network.

The chain hoists are connected directly to the network via CAT7 or CAT6. Also connected to the network is the 19″ server controller (2U) which takes over the control of the chain hoists and additionally ensures the emergency shutdown (installation contactor 3x65A).

Our touch panel has a physical dead man’s switch as well as an emergency stop. The visualization also shows the chain hoists including load cell and encoder data directly in the floor plan in a 2D representation.

Customer References

  • The Hall, Dübendorf
  • Eventhalle Campus, Sursee
  • Swiss Life Arena, Zurich
  • ENTRA, Rapperswil-Jona