Swiss Life Arena IP Chainhoist Control rigging system is used in the hall ceiling of the Swiss Life Arena

The ZSC Lions were able to inaugurate their new home stadium in October 2022. The Swiss Life Arena is not only one of the largest ice hockey stadiums in Switzerland, but above all a multifunctional arena with state-of-the-art infrastructure for a wide variety of events and occasions. The equipment includes a rigging system on the hall ceiling, which was realised in collaboration with the companies B+T Bild+Ton AG, GIS AG and GmbH. It consists of 6 trusses and a total of 30 electric chain hoists, which can be conveniently controlled via a touch controller.

After three years of construction, the time had finally come. The ZSC Lions opened their new home, the Swiss Life Arena, on 18 October 2022 with a narrow 2:1 home win against HC Fribourg-Gottéron. The steep tiers of the ice hockey arena ensure excellent visibility and the 12,000-capacity stadium regularly turns into a lions den. However, the Swiss Life Arena is not only home to the ZSC Lions and its passionate fans, but also the venue for a wide variety of events and functions. For example, the event hall hosted the floorball World Championships in autumn 2022 and the annual shareholders’ meeting of Swiss Life Holding AG in spring 2023. In order to be equipped for a wide variety of uses, the multifunctional arena has a state-of-the-art infrastructure, including a flexible rigging system that was developed in collaboration between B+T Bild+Ton AG and GmbH.

Rigging system with 6 traverses and 30 GIS LP-series chain hoists, powered by’s IP Chainhoist Control solution.

The rigging system consists of six 29.5 metre-long trusses, which are arranged above the entire (ice) surface. They are fitted with spotlights for the lighting and loudspeakers for the sound system. These trusses can be very flexibly lowered to the ground, equipped and raised again depending on the event. Each truss is attached to 5 GIS LP1600 chain hoists with the IP Chainhoist Control system inside for synchronised lifting and lowering. This enables targeted positioning to generate additional suspension points. The TCP/IP VLAN is dedicated for the system communication of the chain hoists and each truss has its own power supply for the lights, loudspeakers and, if necessary, LED walls is provided via foldable energy chains from the hall ceiling to the trusses.

For communication and control, each electric chain hoist has its own IP address and a TCP/IP communication interface integrated in the housing. All motors are connected to the server room by cable, ensuring trouble-free data traffic between the control panel, server and chain hoists via the LAN. This control system also allows external access for remote maintenance.

Simple operation via touchscreen
The rigging system is operated via the Touch-Controller incl. Emergency Shutdown. This tablet computer has a latching emergency stop switch and a Go button. To use it, it is connected to the server via a network cable. The required motors can now be activated and the direction of travel determined on the touchscreen. Once the presettings have been made, the lifting or lowering is carried out by pressing and holding the Go button.

For B+T Bild+Ton AG, as AV integrator, and GmbH, the realisation of the rigging system in the Swiss Life Arena is undoubtedly a showcase project. From planning to installation on the hall ceiling, 26 metres above the ground, there were several challenges to overcome. The result is an extremely practical system that contributes to making the Swiss Life Arena a state-of-the-art and versatile sports and event venue that offers fans and visitors an unforgettable experience.

Technical data / fact sheet

  • 6 trusses are attached to a total of 30 GIS LP1600 D8Plus and 30 Chain Hoist Modul TCP/IP
  • Operating voltage of the motors: 3x400V 50Hz, integrated transformer for control voltage 42VAC
  • TCP/IP interface integrated into the housing
  • 19″ rack houses the server as well as network switches, ports (POE) for the 30 motors and there is a network socket in the hall
  • Operation and monitoring is carried out on the touch controller with emergency stop switch and Go button.