The Hall

Intelligent IP Chainhoist Control rigging system ensures maximum flexibility and security

An innovative rigging system from and in cooperation with GIS AG ensures maximum flexibility and safety in the THE HALL Zürich. By means of radio remote control, 55 electric chain hoists can be moved fully automatically, precisely and quietly, alone or in groups.

Concerts and corporate events such as anniversary celebrations, general meetings and staff gatherings take place in the THE HALL, Zürich. Whether 50 or 5000 people, each event is a highlight for the guests. The modern, flexible infrastructure includes the latest sound, lighting and video technology. An innovative rigging system from ensures maximum flexibility and safety.

The basic structure consists of 11 crane runways, which are mounted parallel to the hall ceiling over a length of 35 meters. A total of 55 electric chain hoists of the type GIS LCH2000/1NL.D8+ combined with electric trolleys EMFE300 can be moved alone or in groups on these crane tracks by means of a radio remote control. The lifting units allow a precise positioning of the 5 cross beams (trusses) on which the multimedia equipment is fixed.