ICF Zürich

The ICF (International Christian Fellowship) uses EagleEye to create a new church experience. 

More audience space, less setup time and impressiv images where the three primary goals behind the project of permanently installing an EagleEye arial camera system in the The Hall in Zurich (Switzerland). One of ICF’s primary location where the Christian TV program with Leo Bigger, senior pastor of ICF Church is recorded on Sundays during the church services (Celebrations).

Beginning in early 2024, a new chapter unfolded for ICF Zürich as they shifted the broadcasting focus from television to the digital platform YouTube. Utilising the EagleEye of sec.swiss provided ICF with the latest aerial cinematographic equipment, allowing a swift hustle free setup. Because the rigging of the 3D Pulleys are also permanently installed, the crew just has to hang the dolly stab & camera bundle moments before the production. This eliminates preparations, and reduces consequently crew-costs. Traditionally, camera systems were largely restricted to ground-based setups, often involving rails and bulky equipment that limited and consumed valuable space. This impacted the physical layout of venues, affecting audience sightlines and the overall viewing experience. The arial camera system EagleEye was freeing up floor space again and provides a fresh perspective that enhances the viewer’s experience.

Due to the nature of how the camera is suspended, EagleEye provides continuous footages from various angles. Whether in rapid movements from the audience onto the stage, or capturing high-speed actions the images remain smooth – without the risk of interfering the event itself. The pilot stand is neatly integrated in the venues architecture, allowing the pilot and operator to control movement patterns, speed, camera angles, and creative shot composition.

ICF started using EagleEye the first time in 2021, after 3 successful years in operation the system was now updated to the 3rd generation series. Providing new mechanical improvements, increased movement speed and silent operation. Already back in 2021 the installation complied with the acceptance certification of DGUV 17/18. Which required additional architectural and electrical prerequisites, such as covering the moving lines, cooling & e-stop accessibility to fulfil this strict certification.

As The Hall in Zurich (Switzerland) is a bookable event venue, the EagleEye can also be rented in packages (Contact: https://www.thehall.ch/en/book-venue)