3D wirecamera system

The sec.swiss EagleEye four-point aerial camera motion system is a state of the art camera system that can be used in stadiums or studios, indoors or outdoors, in 2D (2 winches only up/down) or 3D configuration (4 winches moving freely). The EagleEye family has 3 products, with the EE50 you can cover areas of 50x50m (165×165 feet), with the EE100 the range is 100x100m (330×330 feet) and with the large EE250 system you are good to go 250x250m (820×820 feet). This makes the EagleEye suitable for all applications and locations, all systems can carry a payload of 20kg (45lbs) to give you the flexibility to use a multitude of lenses and camera heads, for any given production requirements. The dolly is compatible with the stabs Microfilms M3, Shootover G1 and Newton S2 to accommodate all different sizes of equipment, all those products impress with low weight, highest stability under the harshest production environments as well as the opportunity for movements in many direction. The heads can be equipped with wide range of broadcast or film cameras. For broadcast the system is compatible with box cameras and CCU’s to provide the OBV with control and signal for their needs.

EagleEye is unique in moving the camera literally to any point within the working area, while the camera head is fully controlled and stabilised to generate endless 360° pan. A synergy of these features allow the EagleEye to produce spectacular images, never attained before. As compared to the competition EagleEye is moving smoother due to it software motion controller and a guided rope mechanism. EagleEye uses rope carriers in the winches to ensure the rope is not moving around on the drum, this allows smooth filming even at speeds up to 10m/s. The software inside the Base Station is specially designed for fast movements and quick adaption of to obstacles, therefore the EagleEye borders are flexible and no-linear – meningitis you can create all shapes of virtual rooms.

EagleEye is a perfect fit for large events indoors or outdoors, as well as fixed installations where the systems EE100 is available with steel ropes to carry power to the dolly. All 4 winches are redundancy to ensure you an uninterrupted signal feed, if one fibre optic line is interrupted the system can utilise the fibre on the winch over a single SMPTE ring. EagleEye is real time controlled and its motion control system ensures smooth camera movements in all 3D directions, depending on the speed from slow to very fast movements.

EagleEye 50 and EagleEye 100 are the smallest sizes of the systems, they are however very portable and yet still powerful enough to hoist a broadcast camera. This makes them to your perfect companion for “on tour” system, as they are economical on logistic costs. All EagleEye systems are pre-programmable and you can set repeatable motion paths, for example and also, very importantly, set safety boundaries. The system is quick to install, saving rig time and is built to be rigged on to truss or any other fixed 5cm pole construction. The use of multiple 3D pulleys can assist with more complex setups. All signals run via the base station to the winches via SMPTE 311.m cables in a ring and then on to the camera dolly, through our special 3.2mm wire rope, with built in fibre optic cables.

EagleEye is smaller, faster and more powerful then other systems in the same league. All EagleEye systems are capable of transmitting video signal in 8K. This makes EagleEye the ideal four- point camera system for big stadiums and outdoor spaces. Freelancer and system owners around the world praise the simplicity in software, that makes trainings more easy and quickly establishes a large pool of operators, pilots and technicians.

“Since its introduction into the market the system got a lot of attention around the world and has been used successfully in sports, concerts and other major events.”


The sec.swiss EagleEye has been certified by DEKRA, Bureau Veritas and Clark Reder Engineering to comply with DGUV 17/18 (former BGV-C1) German safety standard and conforms all other major national safety requirements, especially SIL3. The EagleEye software has the unique features of providing diagonal working zone borders and to keep the dolly with payload within safe limits.

Feature Overview

Unique about the EagleEye system is its modularity which allows both in 3D and 2D setups. In both modes video signals and camera head controls are transmitted over a single fibre optic line delivered from the dolly via slipping in the winch then over SMPTE cables to the pilot stand and beyond to OBV or recording studio. Every winch carries a specially designed polyamide (Aramid w. Fiber Core 3.5mm) rope that was engineered by sec.swiss for both reliability and sustainability when used heavily. The rope is extremely lightweight with just 0.98 kg/100m to provide the system uninterrupted speeds of up to 10m/s. EagleEye, in all sizes, is modular and can be setup in 1D, 2D or in 3D mode. The components are designed with a 12:1 safety ratio and other safety features include double breaks inside of the winches. The power consumption is only 3.5kW per winch, for the both systems.

Augmented Reality

Falcon can be integrated with all major AR systems to provide accurate tracking data of camera position, orientation and lens parameters.
Integrated AR-camera tracking solution (no third-party equipment required)


Bidirectional transport of video and control signals is managed by fibre optical lines inside the rope and included in all four winches of the system, providing maximum redundancy.

3 different Sizes

EagleEye 50 EagleEye 100 EagleEye 250
Flying area 50x50m (165×165 feet) 100x100m (330×330 feet) 250x250m (820×820 feet)
Speed 6m/s or 2m/s 6m/s 10m/s
Payload 20kg (45lbs) 20kg (45lbs) 20kg (45lbs)
Wire length 80m (260 feet) 150m (490 feet) 380m (1250 feet)
Wire type polyamid with fiber core polyamid with fiber core polyamid with fiber core
Voltage 200-230V (4kW/2kW, 1 Phase) 200-230V (6kW, 1 Phase) 380-480VAC (9kW, 3 Phases)
Power via wire or battery via wire or battery battery
Use Case
tv-studios, events, fix-installation tv-studios, events, fix-installation stadium


EagleEye 50
Flying area 50x50m (165×165 feet)
Speed 6m/s or 2m/s
Payload 20kg (45lbs)
Wire length 80m (260 feet)
Wire type polyamid with fiber core
Voltage 200-230V (4kW/2kW, 1 Phase)
Power via wire or battery
Use Case
tv-studios, events, fix-installation
EagleEye 100
Flying area 100x100m (330×330 feet)
Speed 6m/s
Payload 20kg (45lbs)
Wire length 150m (490 feet)
Wire type polyamid with fiber core
Voltage 200-230V (6kW, 1 Phase)
Power via wire or battery
Use Case
tv-studios, events, fix-installation
EagleEye 250
Flying area 250x250m (820×820 feet)
Speed 10m/s
Payload 20kg (45lbs)
Wire length 380m (1250 feet)
Wire type polyamid with fiber core
Voltage 200-230V (9kW, 3 Phases)
Power battery
Use Case

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