IP CHainhost Control

sec.swiss IP Chain-Hoist Control is the first and only chain-host system completely based on TCP/IP. Based on our philosophy and knowledge of designing and manufacturing the EagleEye aerial camera system, sec.swiss provides a unique range of chain hoists control options. Used on stages, event halls and on special applications the chain hoist solution impresses by their simplicity in cabling and system design. All parts are carefully designed and manufactured by sec.swiss, ensuring a perfect fit in application flexibility.

sec.swiss developed the IP Chain-Hoist Control system in 2021, as there was a growing demand from the entertainment, event and fixed installation markets for a professional full synchronization system suitable for small to large applications. The IP Chain-Hoist Control system software has been developed since then and is installed on all control units. Since its creation the IP Chain-Hoist Control system as offered a control solution in more than a dozen venues.

Chain Hoist Modul TCP/IP

The IP Chain-Hoist Control system consists of a gateway module, which are installed in the chain hoist itself (currently design for the GIS LP series, MOVEKET and EXE compatibility is currently under development) to create a completely modular, decentralised and scalable system, which has proven its worth in all kinds of venues. The gateway module translates all attributes, such as loading cell, control signals, absolute encoders, etc. to a network compatible stream. The gateway module is powered over PoE to ensure redundancy of power, and available as LAN oder RF ChainHoist PCB version. It contains a small performant CPU, and drives up to 4 relays, (U D, L/F R/B, Enc, LdC). Its modularity stretches from simple “black and white” applications over SIL 3 breaking systems towards frequency converters.


  • absolute encoder installed reading
  • load cell with load measurement monitoring
  • TCP/IP connector over Ethercon or Harting RJ45
  • controlling chain hoist and drivers
  • D8, D8+ and SIL3 applications

19″ Server Controller (2HE)

The 19″ Server Controller is the heart of the IP Chain-Hoist Control system. It consists of a dual CPU and is completely redundant. All IP Chain-Hoist Control system are backed up in the other, so that it is a complete backup system without using an external server. The IP Chain-Hoist Control system is designed to run independently from WAN and all Chain Hoist Modul TCP/IP’s use our own identification service that the network can be setup in DHCP to ensure maximum flexibility and interchangeability. Synchronous group mode or single mode selectable is selectable over the user interface. The setup mode allows a visualisation the set the zero points. To visualise 2 scenarios travel- and absolute-height in two values. Variable speed and a short ramp are optional services, when the system is combined with frequency converters, to carry fragile equipment. Log files include timestamps of position and load data.


  • Displaying height and the weight held on the touch controller
  • Each motor can be controlled individually
  • Group movements
  • Programmable group movements/scenes possible
  • User and Administrator modes
  • Individual motors can be present in several groups
  • Keep-Alive of controls in case of power failure or emergency stop
  • Overload notification and monitoring
  • Emergency Stop relay hard wired loop over the power contractors.

Touch-Controller incl. Emergency Shutdown

Touch-Panel User Interfaces (GUI) with Ethernet & DeadMan/E-Stop buttons. Ethercon connection with an up to 10m umbilical cord. The DeadMan/E-Stop wiring is fully redundant from TCP/IP and builds a hard wired loop over the power contractors. The user interface is designed to handle all rigging requirements, monitoring as well as logging the loads and to operate the system we designed multiple user levels. The user interface offers customisation options ensure operating systems in all type and size of venues for all budgets, and for controlling the system via the intuitive interface. Our software team is constantly improve the development and allows to operate almost all needed functions of a professional rigging system.


  • Touch screen user interface
  • 10m umbilical cord
  • Customisation of layout
  • DeadMan and E-Stop wiring redundant-loop over the power contractors

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